August 15, 2006

Monday, August 1, 2006

Shop Till You Drop

This morning we got up and went to the convention center to take a closer look at the new Longaberger products. We spent a few hours there before we came back to the hotel for our next shopping adventure.

One of the highlights of visiting Columbus is shopping at Easton Towne Center. It is by far, the most unique shopping experience I've ever had. Got some fabulous goodies at The Container Store and Crate and Barrel to take home.

Tonight we went back to the arena for the closing session. The most exciting part of the evening is Bee Line for Baskets. This is where they select someone from the crowd and they have 30 seconds to fill as many shopping carts with baskets as they can. If they pick a special colored basket, they draw a section and row and everyone sitting on that row gets a free basket. OUR ROW WON!! Mom and I both walked away with the retired Ficus basket. It's gorgeous and huge.

Tomorrow morning we are heading for Nashville... after we pack the car. That's going to be something to see!


  1. ohh tell your mom hello and i would love to see a photo of the basket.

  2. stefanie, for some reason i can not find your email anywhere.
    do you mind emailing it to me.


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