December 29, 2006

Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year (almost), New Post!
It's been quite some time (more than four months) since I last blogged. What can I say... things have just been a little out of control. I'll try to be better... maybe blogging more frequently could be my New Years' Resolution. I've got lots of ideas to share.

I am planning a scrapbooking/crafting retreat February 2-4 at a state park just south of Nashville. With the event just a little over a month away, I'll be busy getting ready for that. I still have spots available, so if anyone is interested, it's $40 per person. Email me if you would like to register. It is going to be a fun weekend!

A few weeks ago I purchased this magazine at JoAnn's. I immediately fell in love with many of the patterns in it. Of course, I somehow managed to throw this jewel out with the Sunday paper, which did not make me very happy. After a lot of googling, I was able to find out the name of the magazine, thanks to this blog and more googling to find this website where I was able to purchase another one. Oh happy day! Here are just a few of the great things you can crochet from the free patterns...

Aren't these little animals darling? Oh my... I'll have to hold onto that pattern for sure!

**Do you make a New Years Resolution?**
**Have you ever been to a Scrapbook Retreat?**
**What is your favorite crafting activity?**


  1. i have never been to a retreat sounds fun.
    i would have to say sewing for me is my favorite.

  2. I think of my intentions for the new year, but don't really make firm resolutions because then I'd have to follow through.

    I've never been to a scrapbooking retreat, but I've been to lots of scrapbooking all-nighters with friends. I haven't done that in a long time though.

    My favorite creative endeavors are making cards, decorating composition books, scrapbooking and anything paper related.


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