August 14, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Brotherly Love

My job takes me to different cities across the US about 10 times per year. To most people, travelling for work sounds very exciting... and most of the time it really isn't. But, I am in Philadelphia for the American Culinary Federation annual conference and trade show. My company is sponsoring the conference as well as the Pasty Chef of the Year competition.

I have never been to Philadelphia before and it is pretty cool to be in the city and staying just a few blocks away from where the Declaration of Independence was signed. There is so much history here... and it is all so fascinating!

Tonight, I ventured out to a place called The City Tavern for dinner. It was originally built in 1773 and was home to many historically significant events. The food was so-so, but the atmosphere is great and a wonderful experience. If you find yourself in Philadelphia, this place should be on your list of places to go!


  1. oh we can not wait to go up there.
    i am one of those people that would love to travel and think those who do with work are lucky.
    just be glad you don't have a 2 year old on your lap when you do.
    have fun in PA

  2. Hey Stefanie - Found your blog on the internet and decided to start one of my haven't chronicled our flea market adventures!


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