June 16, 2008

Today's Faves

Food: Thyme Grilled Chicken with Maple Chipotle Glaze
Drink: McD's Sweet Tea
Fruit: Sweet strawberries

Ice cream: Graeter's Coconut Chip
Candy bar: Mounds
Music: Lady Antebellum
TV Show: Jon & Kate + 8
Movie: Sex and the City
Book: Love the One You're With - Emily Giffin
Sound: The peaceful splashing sound of my float moving through the water.

Smell: Coppertone continuous spray sunscreen.

Sight: The latest release from Papertrey Ink
Touch: Floating in the cool water of the swimming pool on these hot days
Taste: Coconut-Walnut Brownies (oh, my)


  1. OOOOOH, Coconut Chip sounds absolutely heavenly to me!!!!

  2. it's very coco-nutty 'round here! very summery.

  3. oh graeter's is so GREAT!!

    my personal fave, black cherry, has finally left for the season. thank goodness. gained 5 lbs this month. :)


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