March 06, 2007

You've Gotta Be Kidding...

I am completely bummed out. My website and online store is currently shut-down. My hosting service is doing some routine maintenance, and I think I'll be down until sometime tomorrow. For those of you trying to log on to shop, try again Wednesday. If there is something you just gotta have right way, shoot me an email

I am currently working on a large wedding project that I need to finish up, so I will take advantage of the down-time to get that wrapped up and out the door.

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful bloggers who have visited my store and made purchases. I have lots of new goodies to share including new colors, new card styles and very soon I will have two new product lines that will knock your socks off... so cute! I will also be adding the 'Everything Wedding' section as well as all kinds of cute invitations. I can't wait to share it all with you!


  1. That's crazy that your hosting service can be down for that long. That seems like it would seriously interfere with business.

    Your products are so cute and it's so fun seeing them on all the blogs and in the mail. My cute cards are on the table next to me right now, so pleasing.

  2. i am so excited for your biz taking off adn that stinks about the hosting issue.

    I can't wait to get my stuff. I think my gals will LOVE their girl's weekend gifts this year...

  3. Stephanie, that is a bummer. I love all of my stationery I ordered from you. I think I'll have to do orange and brown next time - I noticed you used that combination for your little note to me and I really liked it!


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