March 22, 2007

100 Things About Me

  1. I love to paint – I am amazed at how it transforms a room. Just imagine this room... all brown and not the pretty kind of brown. The drugs must have been really good in the 1970's!
  2. My high school graduating class was made up of 54 people.
  3. I went through pre-school, elementary school, Jr. & Sr. high school and college with my best childhood friend, Hannah. Here we are on the left - Girl Scout Camp 1983.

  4. I played the clarinet. Didn't I have great school spirit?
  5. My high school band was one of the best ranked bands in the State of Illinois and was invited to play for Pres. George H. Bush during a campaign stop at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale for his 1988 campaign.
  6. I have won several vocal competitions, but hate to sing in front of other people.
  7. I wish I had a job I enjoyed more.
  8. I have been designing stationery since I was a little girl.
  9. I learned to knit when I was 10.
  10. I taught myself to crochet four years ago.
  11. I am addicted to Coca-Cola Classic.
  12. I love to have a super clean house, but hate to clean.
  13. I have a tendency to become obsessed with things (crafts especially).
  14. I can’t control my spending on craft supplies.
  15. I had so much fun in college, it took 6 years to graduate.

  16. I am a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta.
  17. I miss my college friends.
  18. I am not great at keeping in touch. So I really have no one but myself to blame for #17.
  19. I bought my first home when I was 27.
  20. I procrastinate.
  21. I sell Longaberger baskets.
  22. I have lots of baskets throughout my house, but always want/need more.
  23. I wish I sold as many baskets as I buy.
  24. I want a big house with a big yard someday.
  25. I met my husband on
  26. I wanted to elope – he wanted the wedding – he won.

  27. I love red roses.
  28. I would live in Chicago if it didn’t get so cold.

  29. I hate to wear shoes. I was barefoot during my wedding cermony - it was at the beach, afterall!
  30. I love to cook.
  31. I collect cook books.
  32. I am slowly seeing my dream of a successful stationery business come to life.
  33. I hope I will be a good mother when I finally have children.

  34. My first vehicle was an orange Jeep truck. I still take it for a drive through the country everytime I go home for a visit.
  35. I was in a serious car accident when I was 19.
  36. My nose was broken so badly, it required two surgeries.
  37. If I had it to do all over again, I would have seen a plastic surgeon for the second surgery.
  38. I love the beaches in Destin, Florida so much that I was married there.
  39. I had the big permed rocker hair in the early ‘90’s
  40. I figured out permed hair wasn’t cool anymore when I went to college.
  41. Now my hair won’t hold a curl at all.

  42. I have an older brother, Daniel, who is an airline captain. I am so proud of him for living his dream of flying planes for a living.
  43. I have two nieces and one nephew.
  44. No one can make me laugh like my Dad.
  45. I have season tickets for the Tennessee Titans.
  46. I didn’t become a football fan until I moved to Nashville.
  47. I wish I had more friends to socialize with here.
  48. I am a celebrity news junkie… but I don’t like the made up stuff in most of the tabloids.
  49. I spend way too much time on Wikipedia reading about all sorts of things.
  50. I want to know everything about everything… I’m very curious.
  51. I can install and repair toilets.
  52. I am the handyman around the house – my husband isn’t good with fixing things.
  53. I love kitchen gadgets and have at least one of just about everything.
  54. My husband thinks I have too many silicone spatulas.
  55. I don’t think you can ever have enough silicone spatulas.
  56. I make great margaritas with fresh lime juice.

  57. I enjoy decorating cakes.

  58. I miss my grandmothers and wish I had spent more time with them as an adult.
  59. I love Santa decorations.
  60. I enjoy making things for other people.

  61. I need to do something crafty everyday to keep my stress levels down.
  62. I suffer from migraine headaches.
  63. If I don’t drink one Coke per day, I get a migraine.
  64. I am in the process of remodeling our home. We're really gonna miss the harvest gold counters, floors and broken down cabinets.
  65. I love ribbon.

  66. I visit Amish Country in Ohio every summer.
  67. I admire the Amish way of life, but could never live that way myself.
  68. I own a Cricut and I love it!
  69. I love listening to live music.
  70. I think the Ryman Auditorium is the most beautiful building in Nashville. It is the original home of th Grand 'Ole Opry. I took my grandmother there to see the Opry for the first time in her life six months before she passed away. It was always her dream to go to the Opry. A gigantic sofa sized photo of the Ryman now hangs above the couch in our den.
  71. My favorite genre of music is Country.
  72. I loathe doing laundry.
  73. I want to get my weight issues under control.
  74. I wish I enjoyed exercise more.
  75. I LOVE paper products.
  76. I think everyone should have a set of pretty stationery with their name on it.
  77. I want to open a paper goods/stationery store one day. For now, my website will have to do.
  78. I am a proud conservative.
  79. Tivo has revolutionalized my TV viewing habits.
  80. I wish I took better pictures. When I use a flash, they look blurry and shaky.
  81. My husband had my engagement ring custom made for me. It has a diamond from his Mom, a diamond from his grandmother, and a diamond for me. How sweet is that?
  82. I’m happy to have the first year of marriage behind me.
  83. Netflix is one of my favorite things.
  84. I think every family needs a dog.

  85. I can’t imagine my life without My Riley.
  86. I was a Girl Scout Leader for six years.
  87. As a child, I would go to Vacation Bible School for the crafts.
  88. The population of my hometown is 750. I am floored that they have a website!
  89. I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to make Nashville my home.
  90. I hope to learn to quilt one day.
  91. I hate knick-knacks.
  92. I want to vacation in Sonoma Valley, California
  93. I really enjoy a nice red wine.
  94. I have really enjoyed getting to know more people through blogging.
  95. I wish I lived close enough to come to the blog party.
  96. I can’t wait to go to D.C. so Kristi can take me to the ribbon outlet.
  97. I enjoy scrapbooking, but rarely do unless it’s a weekend crop.
  98. I hosted a weekend crop for 30 women this year.
  99. I started this list in January – it is now March 23, 2007
  100. I can’t believe I’m actually finished.


  1. Congrats on finishing your list and posting it (apparently that was hard for some people to do)! I'm so glad you did this so I/we could get to know you better. I had no idea you had such a strong affection for Silicon spatulas, Amish country, Nashville, Florida beaches, or Coke Classic. I'm a fellow migraine sufferer but have to tell you that after years and years of Diet Coke addiction (and love) I gave it up and have had substantially less headaches! I've been dry (ha) for 18 months!

    How long did you date your husband before you got married? I'd like to read your story sometime.

  2. wow. ok, i knew i liked you...

    loved your 100. thanks so much for sharing. i hope your journey is going well.

    do you do other weekends, other than cropping? i love women's weekends but i don't scrapbook

    we do have much in common! GS, Graeter's, Longaberger (though they are almost always gifts from the parents!) and so many other things. i love that!

    also, when i have a drink it has to be fresh lime juice margaritas on ice in the summer and good red wine in the colder months. no time for bad wine or margaritas without fresh lime juice...

    so glad you shared your list. i chuckled at the started in jan comment b/c i started mine in in mid-Jan and still did not post it...

  3. yay for your 100 list! i felt a little silly doing mine, just to have 100 things. now, i constantly think of things i would add!

    fellow band geek!!

    i love a good red wine, but can rarely afford the good kind! i'm currently not 'drinking any calories,' but i've been thinking about a yummy mojito lately.

    i don't scrapbook, but love girlfriend getaways. only, i feel like my sisters are my only girlfriends, and we never manage to getaway without our entire families!!

  4. Great 100 list - maybe you'll inspire me as I have yet to post mine. Fun to get to "know" you a little better!

  5. I had a hard time doing my list, too! I also hate to exercise, I currently live in Chicago and don't think it is quite cold enough!!! I loved seeing your wedding pics from the fun!!

  6. I love 100 lists! It was great reading about you! Very interesting:) You certainly have style!

  7. I actually learned some new things about you. Merry Christmas sweetheart, can't wait to see you later today. I love you.

    PS I never knew you wanted to elope.

  8. Hi there!! I was searching for Alpha Gamma Delta and found your blog! I'm also an Alpha Gam (I went to Eastern Michigan University) and I now live in North Carolina. Anyway-- just wanted to say hello! I also met my husband through!

    Nice job on your blog! It's very interesting!!


  9. I found your blog the same way Cathy did =D
    I'd love to invite you to check out the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network at we'd love to have you join us, we've got lots of other Nashville area bloggers.



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