March 31, 2007

Good Mail

I wanted to share the good mail that I've been receiving. This is the first time I've ever posted about my good mail, so I have to admit that this goes back to January. I have been spoiled quite a bit lately, which is always a nice treat!

My husband's sister hosted Christmas this year. Her husband's parents came to town to meet their new granddaughter, Josie. This is the thank-you they sent for the gifts we gave them. I love the photostamps of sweet baby girl!

A cute and sweet thank you from Kristi for the birthday gift she received from me. I'm glad that she and her girls enjoyed the scarf.

Sweet little Josie had her mom send us a thank you for all of the gifts she's received from us. If you love the stationery, you can get your own right here.

One of my Longaberger customers sent this cute card and a sweet note along with her check for something she had purchased from me.

A kind note of thanks from Jill for the good mail I had sent to her.

A kind note from Michelle thanking me for some good mail I sent her way. I love the card... so cute!

Tasha sent this thank you card for her birthday gift. How appropriate that the girl from Hershey uses the kisses stamps!

Amy W. sent this pretty little thank you for her birthday good mail delivery.

Kristi is so darn clever! She sent these adorable St. Patrick's Day greetings to her blogging friends! She sent something equally cute for Valentine's, but I couldn't put my hands on it to photograph. I love them both, Kristi! Thanks so much for thinking of me.

I got this fantastic article and a very kind letter from Karli. She had read one of my SPT posts and sent this good mail to offer me encouragement and support. This meant so much to me. I had never seen her comment on my blog, or really anyone else's - so when this arrived, I was completely amazed. I forget what an impact we can have on each other until something like this happens.

Carlo sent this card of support and encouragement with some words of inspiration painted on these great river rocks. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

Liz B. sent this cute card and note of thanks for her birthday good mail delivery.

One of my sorority sisters sent this pretty little card and a kind note with her payment for our upcoming annual luncheon. Everyone else has just popped a check in an envelope, so it was such a nice surprise to see that she had sent this. Thanks Pat!

Amanda S. sent this darling Easter package. Unfortunately, I didn't get the picture taken before Riley made off with the giant egg filled with chocolate eggs... that dog! Thank you Amanda for thinking of me! I love those Peter Rabbit playing cards - what a cute idea for a gift tag!

I tell ya, posting about all of this reminds me that I need to get some good mail packages together and in the mail myself. Thanks to all of you for brightening many of my days with your thoughtfulness!


  1. yay good mail!!!!

    so glad you liked the rocks. i hope your "journey" is coming along.

    so good to "see" you today. now i hope we can make april work so i can REALLY SEE you! :)

  2. I'm so glad you posted your good mail. You're so great about sending it, but I didn't know if you were getting any. What a happy sight all of that is.

  3. hi stefanie. meant to ask you-- are the good mail labels you have on your post for purchase via your stationery store? :)

  4. Stefanie,

    Glad you got and liked the article. It helped me at a time in my life and it helped me to read it again when I sent it to you! You are incredible and I know you can make the changes you want for yourself & your life! Good luck & keep me posted!

    Love, Karli


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