March 01, 2011

quilting around

Our kitchen table is round and 50" in diameter. It's also white. I love white tables, but I had never owned one before, so I didn't really think through the perils that would come along with a white table when I bought it a few years ago. I just knew that it met some important criteria.... it was round, it was white, it was exactly my style, and it was pub height (36").

I'm not really a table clothkind of girl, which is interesting because growing up, my mom always had some sort of tablecloth on the kitchen table (we weren't fancy enough to have a dining room). I do like placemats, but they are kind of difficult on a round table. Imagine my delight when I saw a free (bonus!) pattern from Moda for a 50" round quilt. It's made using an incredible wedge ruler and although it looks complicated, it is really so, so easy.

Round Tabletopper featuring Sunkissed by Sweetwater. This photo was taken prior to quilting & binding.

Last week I completed my third round table topper quilt. It's a perfect fit for our table and I like having it in place all the time. The previous versions were Halloween and Fall fabrics. I wanted something that would work well for Spring and well into Summer. It's a welcome reminder of the sunshiney days that are just ahead.


  1. eep! I love it! Now I need one! Our kitchen table is round and in serious need of sprucing up!

  2. This is so very alive with spring colors. It's just beautiful - and I guess you whipped it out in your usual no time flat.


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