March 20, 2011

today i...

-finished four hot pads
-felt chilly
-started a fire in the fireplace
-petted my dogs
-dropped nine (yes, nine) eggs on the kitchen floor
-cleaned the kitchen floor
-bought a birthday present
-set out balloons and birthday cards for my husband
-grabbed the paper from the curb
-sifted through the coupons
-cooked breakfast
-watched tv
-took pictures of hot pads
-edited photos
-listed hot pads on etsy
-dropped a whisk on my foot
-felt pain
-failed at making cream cheese icing
-called my friend royce
-removed winter shrink wrap from windows
-scrubbed window screens
-washed windows
-put up window screens
-felt hot
-felt tired
-succeeded at making cream cheese icing
-iced a red velvet cake
-cut my husband's hair
-fed the dogs
-took a shower
-treated my husband to birthday dinner out
-put on my pjs
-had some cake and ice cream
-watched a little more tv
-posted this list

what did you do today?

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  1. compared to your list almost nothing - that wore me out just to read


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