March 06, 2011

the thing about f.a.r.t.s

I am back home tonight after a quick trip to visit my family. I grew up in Golconda, Illinois, which is a sleepy little town overlooking the Ohio River. It also happens to be just a quick 30 minute drive to Paducah, Kentucky. Yesterday morning was cold, rainy and gloomy. It was the perfect day for a f.a.r.t.
I suppose I should probably explain what a f.a.r.t. is... before you quit following my blog. Fabric Acquiring Road Trips are a great way to spend a few hours, but they can be dangerous when you are trying to stick with a budget!

My mom walking into the store. Isn't she cute?!?!

So yesterday, I suggested to my mom that we take a quick trip to Hancock's of Paducah. I grew up shopping there, so I suppose you could say most fabric shops are a bit of a disappointment to me. We spent a little more than an hour picking out what we wanted to purchase. I restrained myself, and limited myself to about 10 yards, which included my favorite red dot from Bliss, some cute red, yellow and green stripes from Punctuation and a three different Bella solids.

My new stash. All kinds of lovely!


  1. I just got more of those Bliss dots myself! They are my fav!

  2. Oh you did show some restrant. I know you had a great time shopping with your mom. Can't wait to go back there shopping myself - what a great fabric store. Love the dots!

  3. love the red buff and green up top =P


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