January 31, 2008

Oh Oh OoOh, Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh OoOh, The Right Stuff

Have you heard the news?
New Kids on the Block are reuniting! Can it really be true, or is this just some cruel joke being played on all us 30-something year olds? Check it out at http://www.nkotb.com/. I feel 16 all over again (well, sort of)!


  1. this cracked me up.

    i cringed a bit when i read it but i know that some women out there will be as excited as can be about it.

    (hmm, i think i may be humming the right stuff all day...)

  2. hangin' tough over here.

    i actually just missed the NKOTB craze, but my sisters were heavy, heavy into them.


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