January 25, 2008


Don't know about you, but I do enjoy sudoku. A few weeks ago, Rich and I travelled to Destin, FL for a visit with my parents who are vacationing there for a few months. My dad is totally into it. He spends a few hours a day working on these puzzles. He's a brainiac, so he likes the really difficult ones.

But, they did have one of these handy little spiral bound ones lying around, so I picked it up and before we left, I had finished the last 20 puzzles or so. I won't lie, they were mostly beginner puzzles, but that's about all I really care about doing right now. I'm too impatient to work through the tough ones.

Anyhoo, so last night I have a good mail package from my Mom. And inside are two new books just for me. The same one I finished up of theirs and the 2nd volume. The size of these is perfect for when I travel, because it fits right in my had perfectly and the spiral binding at the top is total genius. I've got lots of travel coming soon - so this was great timing.

If you want one of these bad boys for yourself. You can order from Barnes and Noble. Volume 1 or Volume 2.
Do you Sudoku?


  1. i'm not a numbers person, and i've often thought trying a sudoku would make my brain explode!

    tee hee

  2. I am totally hooked on sudoku! I can only do the beginner and intermediate ones but I figure if I keep doing a ton I will get better!

  3. oh scott and cass enjoy sodoku. i have such a love-hate (or hate-love) for numbers that i get too antsy.

    love to see that you posted! wahoo!


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