August 12, 2007

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet - Part 1

So I signed up for my first ever card swap. I thought this might be a fun way to put to use all of those stamp sets and supplies that have just been sitting around. I love to make cards, but aside from my stationery, I hardly ever take the time to do it. The swap I signed up for was for Halloween cards and this is the design I settled on. Turns out, I only have two stamps that are Halloween related.

Here is the design I came up with, and I love how it turned out. It uses printing, stamping and watercolors for the graphics. I love this color combo for Halloween. Below is my stack of completed cards. I will pop these in the mail in the morning. Next month, I will get a pack of with five cards, each made by a different person.

** Have you ever participated in a card swap?**


  1. i have never done one, but that green and white ribbon gives a prep to halloween i love it.

  2. My sister does a card swap and loves it. I must say - your Halloween cards are DARLING! So love the colors and the ribbon! How fun!

  3. I don't own any stamps so never make my own cards unless I'm hanging out with someone crafty. I'm great at copying and I LOVE cute cards. I've just never invested in my own supply.

    Your's turned out adorable.

  4. Stefanie, those are just too cute! I have never done a card swap but I have done 2 other swaps recently that turned out to be fun and I've met creative bloggers through them. I got my b'day package today. LOVE the purple personalization - thanks!! This is great how my birthday just keeps on going! How thoughtful of you. I was totally excited when the mail arrived today.

  5. I used to do a monthly card swap with a bunch of women in my neighborhood. It was very fun to do and I loved having a huge stash of cards, but eventually it wasn't fun anymore because some of the cards weren't as good as the others (slackers in the bunch).

    Thank you so much for the fantastic birthday box you sent me. I just got it and am totally thrilled!

  6. I belonged to a card group in PA. It was kind of a mixed bag though, half of them were always so cute, and the other half were not. Someone kept using this dumb rubber stamp of two hedge hogs holding heart shaped baloons.

    Yours are DARLING!

  7. As my sista #1 mentioned, our lil sista does a card swap -probably because she has some talent!!haha
    I love great cards -handmade. Yours looks sooo cute. I can be really crafty -if I have an example to copy.heehee ciao


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