August 20, 2007

Crop Til You Drop 2008

I love this event. It is so much fun to plan and even more fun to experience. I'm half-way sold out for my 2008 Winter Retreat. It is just over five months away, and spaces have been selling like hotcakes. Last year I didn't sell out, but I don't think that is going to be the case this time around. I'm getting started early and most of the planning is done since it's basically a carbon-copy of last year.

Have you gotten this far and can't figure out what I'm talking about? So sorry! Let me explain... I plan and host a weekend crop/crafters retreat each year. About 40 crafty ladies gather at a state park just south of Nashville for the first weekend in February. We get the fire roaring in the lodge and crop. til. we. drop. It is loads of fun and I can't wait.

If any of you are interested in joining in the fun, you can get more details and register online here.


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun! I would love to visit Nashville. The first weekend of Feb. is my bday & the sistas always come here for the weekend- full of nothing but fun & relaxing in the winter sun! ciao

  2. It sounds like it's going to be another fabulous crop, how exciting!


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