June 21, 2011

week three - farmer's wife quilt-along

Block 5 - Bat Wing
Although this looks pretty simple, I opted to paper piece this block as well. I love that my points are always perfect and the blocks always finish out at exactly the right size. It makes the perfectionist in me oh so happy!

Block 6 - Big Dipper
This block was quick and fun. I utilized the technique where you put two squares together, draw a line diagonally, stitch 1/4" on either side, then cut them apart on the drawn line. You have to do that twice to get each quadrant to work out. It wastes a bit more fabric, but it is so much more accurate than trying to piece individual triangles together.


  1. These are very pleasing to look at. I know I would never be able to get them even or would go crazy trying to do so, hence I fear quilting is not for me.

  2. Love these - I too shy away from multi part blocks but they look great

  3. Fun to watch the quilt progress in each post. Love the fabrics too!


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