June 18, 2011

gift for dad

Father's Day is tomorrow, so I spent some time today putting the finishing touches on a quick, easy and inexpensive gift for my Dad. He enjoys having his cocktail every afternoon at 5, so I thought some custom-etched bar glasses would be perfect.

I love the square shape of these glasses. I found them here and after two shipments, I finally got them just in time. My first shipment was apparently so damaged that UPS wouldn't leave them at my door. I would love to know how messed up it really was because I have seen some sorry looking packages at my door!

To make some for yourself, pick up some Armor Etch at your local craft store and just follow the directions on the bottle. I made my letter 'stencils' buy cutting the adhesive vinyl with my Cricut, applied the stencil to each glass, brushed on the etching cream and five minutes later they were perfectly (and permanently) etched.

Armor Etch works on any kind of glass, so you can use it on windows and mirrors too. I bought the larger bottle at Hobby Lobby for less than $10 and this project barely used any of it.

These would also make awesome wedding gifts and with all the super inexpesive glassware at stores like Walmart and Target, you can give a classy and practical gift for less than $10!


  1. I love the look of etching and who wouldn't love their monogram? This is a great gift. I'm impressed you planned ahead enough to have time for multiple shipments of glasses!


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