April 10, 2011

things that make you go hmmmmm

I recently started using starch alot for quilting. It's great for pressing blocks into submission and I especially love how it makes my binding strips easier to handle. Just a few weeks ago I was commenting to my friend Royce that I was pleasantly surprised to find a full can of Heavy Duty starch in my utility room storage. I use the Premium variety for my husband's khakis because it doesn't flake.

But what I discovered yesterday has me feeling a bit uneasy. When we moved to this house just over two years ago, I packed a plastic bin with some random cleaning and household supplies from the utility room cupboard at our old house. This bin was just pushed aside in our too-small-to-park-my-car-in-it garage and forgotten about. Early yesterday morning I was on the hunt for some hydrogen peroxide and thought maybe there was a bottle in that bin. Imagine my surprise when i found four, F-O-U-R! cans of Faultless starch in there. I have no idea where it all came from. Did I buy it and if so did I fear the apocalypse was near so I stocked up? I'm doing my best to not over think this and just be grateful that I won't be running out anytime soon.

Do you ever find random stockpiles of household goods in your house?


  1. I do this with chicken and beef stock. I never think I have any when I go to the store. When I'm home unloading groceries, I find 3-4 cartons in the back of the panty. Happens almost every week! You'd think I'd learn! Of course, the times I don't buy any are the weeks I go into the pantry to discover I've used it all. Classic!

  2. I have a room just for random stockpiles!


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