February 22, 2008

American Idol: After the Eliminations Week 1

This was the first week of fan voting on American Idol. After four hours of performances earlier in the week, it is clear who our top 12 will (should) be. No big surprises in the eliminations from last night.

First to go was Garrett. Somebody get this boy a haircut... seriously. I'll be glad when the preppy 80's look is back in style. I am trying to recall anything noteworthy about his performance, but I honestly cannot. Guess that's why we won't be seeing him (or his hair) anymore.

Next out, Amy. She was a very cute girl, but her nerves really got the best of her. I agree with the judges that she should continue to work on her craft. She has proven she's a good singer, but that is only part of it.

The third one to go wasn't a shocker, but I had hoped that the rocker chick would be eliminated instead. Joanne is a great singer and quite striking. She didn't have a great performance and on this show, this early in the competition, that's all it takes.

Lastly, we said goodbye to Colton. Simon caught a bunch of flack from the audience for telling him that he should probably give up on a career singing and focus on getting a good job. I couldn't agree more. This kid didn't suck, but he is not good enough to be successful in the music/entertainment industry. The advice Simon gives is usually right-on, although not always delivered in the most tactful way. Hopefully Colton will heed his advice, study hard, get an education and find a local choir or choral group where he can get his fill of singing without the disappointment that will surely follow if he is to persue a career in music.

I think my faves are David & Alaina. I am amazed at their talent and poise at such a young age. Looking forward to more performances (and eliminations) next week.

Are you an AI fan?
What are your thoughts about the performances and eliminations?


  1. Joanne was the only one of these that I was sad to see go.

    I don't think Colton needs to give up singing, I just think he needs to be in musical theater instead of trying to be a recording artist.

  2. i was very distracted during the performances last week, so i can't say i've made any favorites yet. i agree, simon is usually absolutely correct, but he certainly sometimes lacks in the tact department.

  3. i dont watch AI but my sister loves it. she was heart broken about josiah...she keeps sending me links to his songs. :)

  4. I don't watch AI either but Kim, she's hooked!


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