February 18, 2008

great weekend... hard on the pocketbook

Had a marvelous weekend. Didn't do much, lots of chilling out, some baking, some laundry and oh yeah... shopping.

I started out Saturday morning buying this.

Confused? It's the new Crop o dile II Big Bite. I've got the smaller version, but having a 6" reach on this bad boy is quite incredible. Right now you can only get it at HSN, but the price was great, and it will be impossible to find in the stores when it is released.

Went to Joann's Saturday afternoon and picked up some random craft supplies. Nothing too exciting.

Sunday, I made a major purchase.
Yes, an iPhone. I'm obsessed with it. It's so cool, I can't even tell you. The only downside... it's difficult to get any work done with this thing around. Nothing like a new toy!!


  1. both gadgets look fun. but the iphone? splendid!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AND you have an iPhone! Two things in common now.


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