April 22, 2008

back home, back to the doctor and back to blogging

It's been exactly 2 months since my last post. Far too long, I know. It's been a busy couple of months. Highlights since my last post:
  • Business trips to Williamsburg, VA, Cincinatti, OH and most recently Salt Lake City, UT - more to come on that shortly.
  • My BFF got married on March 8.
  • My husband celebrated his 40th birthday with a big birthday bash.

I'm feeling pretty worn out from all my travelling. I returned home Sunday from Salt Lake feeling pretty bad. I stayed home sick yesterday and went to the doctor where she confirmed I have a sinus infection. I had a steroid injection and she wrote scrips for prednizone and 10 days or antibiotics. I'm feeling much better today and am getting back in the swing at work.

After my GREAT visit with fellow bloggers last week, I have a renewed interest in bl0gging. I have missed you guys and I am looking forward to getting back in touch and sharing of thoughts and ideas. Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. i'm glad your'e back!! i've been looking at the fun posts about your dinner with jill and lucy and creative friday!! what fun!

  2. It was very fun to get a chance to meet you and get to enjoy your sense of humor. Here's me giving a woot woot about your renewed interest in blogging. You will do the world a lot of good with your fun personality and bright ideas.

  3. how fun to see the bloggers, celebrate a wedding and 40th bday?

    awesome stuff keeping you away but we do miss you.

    i hope may works out to at least do coffee or ice cream???


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