September 28, 2007

Yankee Candles

I dont' know about you, but I absolutely love Yankee Candles. They have the best candles with lots of great scents, too. I thought I would share a coupon I received that is good through this Sunday either in their stores or online. It is a buy 2 get one free deal. A great way to stock up on all the great new fall and holiday scents.

Have a great day!


  1. I love Yankee candles - the lemon is my favorite. That fall one looks like it smells yummy too though!

  2. Seeing this candle (yummy scent)reminds me I have a cupboard full of nice candles I should get out and use. I go in spurts. Use a lot, then put them away for a bit.
    Happy day -ciao

  3. oh i adore yankee candles, too. the pumpkin flavors are so yummy right now. love sugar cookie at christmas and warm cinnamon.

    when we lived in boston i went to the yankee candle factory. fun trip with a girlfriend and i swear i came home smelling like a yankee candle! quaint little town and good restaurant if you ever get out that way.


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