September 14, 2007

running on empty

This, my friends, explains it all. I have not posted for 13 days. I can't believe it. I really hate "wo is me posts" and try, as much as possible to not do them myself, but I have got to have an outlet!

Life seems to be kicking my butt lately and it is taking quite a toll. All the stress, lack of sleep and running (not the excercise kind) has manifested itself into a nasty virus. I've been coughing horribly for three days. I went to Minute Clinic this morning to try to get some relief only to be sent away with a transfer of care form. My blood pressure was so high that they could not treat me. I have never had high blood pressure and it has never been a concern for my physician.

Since I couldn't get in to see a doctor, I went to an urgent care clinic for Vanderbilt hospital. Fortunately my BP had started to come down some, but was still quite high. They were unable to prescribe anything that would cure what ails me. So from there I was off to the pharmacy for some cough syrup and Advil PM. I just woke from a heavenly nap.

This whole experience has been a huge wake-up call. I've got to make some life changes. I need to learn to manage or eliminate stress as much as possible. I've got to rest even if it isn't convenient and I've got to live healthier even if it doesn't sound like fun.


  1. Oh my Stefanie. Girl, get some rest and take care. I am so sorry to hear it. High BP is nothing to mess with so you make the changes you need to make

    Hugs and good vibes coming your way...

  2. I hope you're feeling better now. I'm sure having a business creates a lot of stress.

    Sending soothing and calming thoughts to you!

  3. Just popped over to check on you! Hope your cough is gone and that your strength is back...


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