July 31, 2011

rut roh

I had an unfortunate incident yesterday. I was quilting an enormous quilt on my new cabinet (which i love) that has the oh-so-fancy electric machine lift. Unfortunately, I didn't have my machine placed properly on the platform and when I pushed the button to raise it up to table height, I snapped the presser foot connector right off. Not smart. After expressing a few choice words, I promptly ordered a replacement. What a bummer!

I was able to finish quilting, though. Thanfully my machine has a start/stop button, so the presser foot isn't absolutely necessary. It worked for FMQ, but I wouldn't recommend using that feature for anything else.

Have you made any dumb mistakes lately?


  1. Thank goodness you could still use the machine for FMQing. Bet you don't make that goof again.

    Not recently, but not that long ago I had a non-sewing goof. I forgot to put the Handicap placard in the window when I took Mom to the store. It was an expensive mistake, but you can bet I haven't made it again! LOL

  2. Oh no Shaggy! Time for a Scooby snack! :) That sounds like something I would do! I've almost cut my power cord a few times with my rotary cutter!

  3. My most recent blunder was, well today. Glue on the dinning room table and letting hubby talk me into using my rotary on card board - what was I thinking?


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