May 16, 2011

pretty {little} pouch swap

To swap or not to swap, that is the question.

About six weeks ago, I did something that shocked a few of my friends. I signed up for a swap. Before I get into the details of the swap, I should probably explain why my friends were shocked. I have been an avid paper crafter for a long time. About five years ago, I started doing quite a few card swaps. I loved the concept and I would spend hours designing a card and then making the required number of copies. For those of you who are not familiar with card swaps, typically everyone in the swap gets a card from everyone else who is participating. So, for some swaps, I was making close to 30 cards.

Unfortunately, I had obligated myself for several swaps before I had ever received any swaps back. So, by they time I got my first batch of swaps back, it was too late to back out. I was not prepared for what I found in the first package. I was so disappointed. It was as if everyone else used the swap as a means to use up all their unwanted supplies. I did donate the cards to charity, so at least someone will be able to use them, but I kind of swore off swaps in general.

When I learned about the pretty {little} pouch swap from my customer, Kelly, I was intrigued. I loved that we had the chance to provide suggestions of what we wanted and liked. I would much rather give something I know they like than to take a guess. So, I signed up and a few days later, got all the info on my secret partner. Today, I popped this little beauty in the mail and I can't wait for mine to arrive this week. This has been fun and hopefully there will be more swaps in my future.


  1. I hope the pouch you receive is as cute as the one you sent!

    I've gotten some seriously heinous cards in some swaps as well (they weren't online swaps, but neighborhood ones).

  2. That is the cheeriest pouch I've ever seen and I love it!! It's beautiful and lucky swap partner!

  3. Great work! Love the colors and what a lucky recipient. I quit swaps too after a very bad one a few years ago.


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