March 27, 2010

learning the hard way

I'm new to quilting. Did you know that? I am also a "figure things out as a go" kind of person. That kind of thought process is a little dangerous when it comes to quilting.

Last night I was ready to sew the rows together on a custom designed quilt. I have been sewing for over 20 years off and on, so I was mostly concerned with the length of the rows matching up and getting that darn 1/4" seam allowance right. When it was all pieced together, i noticed my blocks weren't matching up with each other very well. That didn't sit to well with my perfectionist personality.

I spent some time with my seam ripper and pretty much had to take all the rows apart and this time, when i pinned it together, i also made certain to match up the blocks. The result... beautiful. I will try to post some pics in my next post.

Have a terrific day!

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