March 20, 2010

jumping in!

I love crafts. Did you know that about me? I have a pretty wide variety of interests... let's just say I shop in several departments in the craft store. One particular craft has been on my 'want to try' list for a few years, Quilting.

I got a new sewing machine recently and that has really fueled my interest in fabric arts. After I finished monogramming every towel and Vera Bradley bag I own, I decided it was time to conquer quilting. I turned to my good friend, Royce, for guidance.

I've known Royce for several years. She (yes, SHE) and I worked together before she got smart and left her job to do freelance work and spend more time making beautiful things. Anyway, she started quilting a few years ago, about the time she learned how to thread a sewing machine needle and has been encouraging me along this journey.

I intended my first project to be a cute little thing for my Mom. Before I could get started on that, I found a pattern for a quilted ironing board cover. I have been in desperate need of a new cover for so long and that fact became glaringly obvious as I was pressing fabric to be cut for my other project.

I re-prioritized my projects and now I have a super cute, but not-quite perfect cover for my ironing board. I'm happy with the results and motivated to start my next project.
Fabric used in this project: Frolic by Sandy Gervais Moda Jelly Roll
Special thanks to my new fave online fabric shop... Burgundy Buttons for the great prices and customer service.

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  1. Awesome Awesome! Congratulations on your first project! Thanks for mention as well!

    Burgundy Buttons


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