April 16, 2007

Who Doesn't Love A Free Upgrade?

As you could probably tell from my previous post. Yesterday wasn't off to a good start. I finally arrived at The Couer d'Alene Resort at 8:15 PT after what seemed 14 hours of flying. I was weary and just ready to get in my jammies and order some room service.

I gave the keys to the valet, walked through the lobby where a very friendly girl was working the registration desk. I gave her my name and this is where my day took a drastic turn. She said "We've given you a free upgrade from our standard room to one of our premium suites with a mountain view."

It is a fabulous room. Two very fluffy, comfy beds. A step down into the 'living room' area where there is a desk, a sectional sofa, two chairs and and a coffee table. I've got a nice balcony patio, which won't get much use since it is a bit chilly here. I spent about 20 minutes just soaking it all in and getting settled.

Then I flipped on the 32" wall-mounted flat panel tv to catch the last half of Extreme Makeover. I was so happy to see that I was going to be able to watch Desperate Housewives, even though the show wasn't very good this week. I had a yummy salad and fish brought up to the room, and then I collapsed into bed at 10 local time.

I slept in until 7. I don't have to be at the conference until this afternoon. I thought about spending a day in the spa, but I would rather save that money for my girl's getaway in a couple weeks. So, I am getting ready to get dressed and head out for a walk to soak in sights. I have my good camera with me and hope to have lots of great photos to show you. Today is looking good!


  1. Upgrads are good. How did you get the upgrade? I don't think I have ever been so lucky! Yay for you though!

  2. oh and upGRADES are good, too. I can't spell...

    wow, can i say i just checked out your resort and it looks FAB!!!! have a great time!


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