April 17, 2007

SPT - Shopping Spree

If I had a surprise $100, I would indulge in a mini-facial and massage from my favorite local day spa... A Moment's Peace. You should all be thanking me that I didn't have any pictures of myself getting a massage or facial to add to this post.


  1. ohhh a facial-- great choice. aren't they wonderful. i only wish i had started a long time ago b/c as i get older i realize that facials are not just pampering, they are essential.

    were you able to have fun on your trip or just all work?

  2. oooh, i think we could handle a pic of you having a facial.

    however, had you said brazilian wax...

  3. facial how wonderful! I would love one :)

  4. A facial sounds heavenly right now, good choice!


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