October 19, 2011

just what i needed

I came home from running a few errands on Monday and was feeling slightly cranky. I'm not exactly sure why, but I was. Some days are just that way I guess.

Anyway, I stopped at the mailbox to get our delivery for the day and was intrigued by a padded envelope with a familiar return address label. To be exact it was the Signature Stripe Address Label from Stationery With Style. My customers don't normally send goodies to me in the mail, and I could tell from the feel of the package, it was probably something good.

Oh, it was good alright. It was good and perfect and lovely and positively gorgeous. Apparently my swap partner for Round 3 of the Pretty Little Pouch Swap was also one of my customers. How fun is that?

She said in her note that she was intimidated about making something for me, but considering what she made, I can't honestly figure out why she was ever worried. I was completely awestruck by the beauty of it. It has had me smiling for three days. Considering my mood on Monday, it was just what I needed, so thanks, Cherie. I couldn't love it more!


  1. Hooray for good mail on a cranky day!!

    I'd be intimidated to send you something too!

  2. I knew she'd do a great job for you! You guys have a similar style so it was a match made in pouch heaven! :) P.S. We think we may put an offer on a house in Franklin soon!


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