September 01, 2011


Yesterday I saw this while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. If you've known me anytime at all, you probably know that this is right up my alley in terms of design and simplicity. I'm a little obsessed with this quilt pattern and am thinking about all the different fabric collections I want to make this in... Farm Fresh, Ruby, Bliss, Jovial, Countdown to Christmas, Flurry... I could go on. See, told ya I was obsessed. Based on my calculations (because I never follow anyone else's instructions completely) I can use 7 fat quarters and solids for the front. What a coinkydink that I have all these fat quarter bundles just begging to be busted. I think my list of quilts to make just got a lot longer!

Here's the tutorial if you wanna make this once or a thousand times over!

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  1. This really does have you written all over it. I do think thou it would work for me with my oriental fabrics and black where the white is...


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