August 25, 2011

tasty early birthday

Yesterday, my sweet husband took advantage of his last day off for the month to do a little birthday shopping for yours truly. My special day is still a week away, but he couldn't contain his excitement, and wanted to give one of the gifts to me now. I was so thrilled with what he chose...

This amazing Breville Panini Maker.  I just love Panini sandwiches! I have eyed these at Williams-Sonoma for years, but since we have a George Foreman that never gets used, I just couldn't justify spending the money. Now that I have one, I can totally see why this is so much better than the Lean Mean Grilling Machine!

I broke it in right away last night by grilling up some fresh veggies. Oh my goodness! It was so easy, and so good. I think this will have a permanent spot on the counter!

Do you love kitchen gadgets, too?
Have you ever made panini's at home?


  1. My hubby got me a panini maker when he was deployed (he sent me surprises every month). At first I thought it was a strange gift, but I use it more than almost any other kitchen appliance!

  2. Nice! I have a George Foreman that I never use. I actually forgot I had it. I need to get it out and cook some veggies.

  3. I don't think I've ever had a panini...hum.
    The veggies look very good - making me hungry for sure

  4. I gave Kim that same one from WS a few years ago. We love it!

  5. Those veggies look so yummy! Great idea for tomorrow nites supper. We have a panini maker that my husband got for Christmas last year from my mom. Haven't used it in awhile though. Fresh veggies is a great idea!


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