November 26, 2007

Back to Life

It's been an awesome weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving... seems like forever ago, though. As soon as we finished up the feast, I had to get busy getting everything together to set up for the flea market.

We (mom and I) got the booth set up Thursday night, so we could just walk in Friday morning and get down to business. It was a fantastic weekend. We were so busy I couldn't believe it. I moved all of my equipment, so I was printing on-site and it was CRAZY. I had taken quite a few pre-printed things for cash and carry, but everyone seemed to want something special instead.
I couldn't believe how well I did... totally surpassed my expectations, which is awesome!

The only down side is that I am physically tired. I could use one day of rest, but I've gotta go in to work today. I have a big project that has to be finished up this week and it's going to take some pushing to make that happen. So, it's back to life I go.

How was your holiday weekend?

PS-Be sure to check out the website later this week for an inventory sale. Lots of cute stuff for Christmas gift wrapping. Last day to order for Christmas is December 7!!


  1. hang in there! vacation is around the corner, right? (isn't it?)

    So glad your sale went well.

  2. I hope your vacation is delightful and that your dog is doing better.

    I'm bummed I missed the Christmas stuff because that Charlie Brown tree folded note is so adorable.

    Merry Christmas! I'll be checking back in later:)

  3. just popping over to say HI FRIEND! hope you are able to enjoy some down time?!?!

    update when you can. just thinking about you


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