June 05, 2007

SPT - The Colors of My World

This week's challenge: What's your favorite color?

For those of you who are familiar with my business, you have probably realized that when it comes to color, I love them all. It really is true. I love color. Because of what I do, it is important for me to follow trends in color, what's hot, what's not, which colors can be used together, which one's can't. These trends are constantly changing, so I find myself falling in love with colors all the time. They inspire me to create.

But, I do have a favorite. It is one color that I can honestly say, I have loved all my life. That color is RED. True, rich, red. The photo above is from my wedding... where everything was red or ivory.
Here are the results of a color preference poll online. Here is some of the history and meaning behind the color red.


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  2. That deleted comment was me, my sister was logged in on my computer so my comment came up with her face.

    This photo is beautiful, the roses are stunning. Do you have much red in your house?

  3. Gorgeous photo! The pose. The vivid Red with your white! Love it.

  4. LOVE your red flowers! As you know, red is a favorite of mine too. I didn't have red flowers on my wedding day, but I did wear red shoes.

  5. i love this photo!! what a great use of color.

    i'm always checking up on your colors at the stationary site. i have to be trendy vicariously through my friends!!

  6. your red is beautiful. love your pic.

  7. ahhh! a girl after my own heart.


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