May 30, 2007

good things - item of the week

This week, were taking half-off the regular price on our

Now through Tuesday, June 3 get this great item for just $4!

Create your own color combination with our fantastic color palette.


  1. I think these cards are so cute, but I'm finding that I don't enjoy cards that involve me writing on the front of them because I don't want my messages to show up for all to read on blogs (is that crazy?), so I tend to avoid cards like this. I suppose I could just write on the back of them, but then all the cute stuff is only on the front. What do you think?

  2. Jill, that is not crazy at all. I prefer folded notes for longer and more personal forms of communication. But, I like the flat ones when I am sending a quick note. If you like that design, there is a folded version as well. From the homepage, just click on preppy stripe in the nav bar on the left.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. hmmm, good point made by jill.

    i think you know how much i LOVE this design stefanie! love, love, love it!! can't wait to get my order...(i mean i can wait, no rush or anything, just excited is what i mean. oh you get it....)



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