January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Friend!

Today, my dear friend Kristi is celebrating her 36th birthday! Since everyone seems to be into making lists these days, I thought it only fitting that I make a list about Kristi for her big day! Happy Birthday, Kristi!

36 Things I Like Most about Kristi

She is the friendliest person I know.
She is thoughtful.
She is a wonderful mother.
She taught me what it means to be a good neighbor.
She has a terrific blog.
She is uber creative.
She can sew anything – and beautifully.
She has a great eye for color and design.
She loves to share her ideas.
She is skilled at bringing people together.
She brings out the best in people.
She is inspiring.
She embraces the importance of traditions.
She has strong values.
She loves ribbon.
She is caring.
She makes friends in an instant.
She never ceases to amaze me.
She takes the time to fall in love with the city she lives in.
She is encouraging.
She is great about documenting life through photographs.
She is warm and open.
She appreciates life’s sweet little moments.
She has a strong faith.
She will cry when she reads this blog.
She teaches her girls how to be polite and respectful.
She is totally in love with her husband and wants the world to know.
She wants to share her experiences with all she knows.
She makes great chocolate chip cookies.
She makes me feel good about myself.
She organized Pink Christmas.
She loves paper.
She always finds the neatest things.
She has a terrific smile.
She introduced me to the world of blogging.
She is my friend.


  1. not crying but bawling!

    Stefanie, I can't believe you took the time to write this.
    a million thank yous. i am typing this list up and laminating it and keeping it in my purse. and i i am not kidding about that.

    i will never forget how you saved me many times from getting lonely and feeling down. the fact that we are still friends after sharing a 3" wall and our front door was inches apart from each other tells a lot about you.. i can't imainge what things yo must have heard through our walls.
    happy day to you as well. i love seeing your more on everyone's blogs and now they will know where half of my ideas came from... YOU!

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to Kristi, Stefanie you did a great job! I think copying and laminating this list is a great idea Kristi!

  3. This IS a wonderful list!
    I wish I had friend who thought so many nice things about me....

  4. Great list Stefanie! I want to meet Kristi more and more. This world of blogging has amazing women in it and I just can't get enough! You are an amazing friend and so lucky to have her as one too!

  5. i have a nikon D80. it is their new camera and wonderful. i just don't how to use it all yet


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